Insect farmer

“A growing world population with the potential to reach nine billion by 2050 will require a 50% increase in production by 2030. To cope, the food system will need to be low carbon, resilient, environmentally restorative and sustainable in social and economic terms. It’s all exciting and challenging stuff, but this vision is only 20 short years away, has anyone thought about what effect this will have on the day to day lives of farmer? What jobs will they be doing, what new kit will there be and, most importantly, will we have a labour force with the skills to function in this climate-changed world?

At Farming Futures we know that the farming calendar doesn’t leave much time for long-term planning. So we teamed up with Forum for the Future to do some future gazing for the industry. We’ve come up with six possible new jobs or specialisms that farmers could be doing as part normal day to day farming practice by 2030.”

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Original post by Rachel Wingfield